April 2014 Promotions & Achievements

April 9, 2014

C/CMSgt Geraldinne Fuentes – Armstrong (ghost)
C/CMSgt Jon Williamson – Goddard
C/MSgt Elizabeth Essek – Lindbergh
C/MSgt Ryan McGuffin – Lindbergh
C/TSgt Ben Stewart – Rickenbacker
C/Amn Cody Cummings – Curry

March 2014 Promotions & Achievements

March 12, 2014

Cadet Promotions:

C/SMSgt Steven Hindman – Doolittle
C/TSgt Andrew Conner – Rickenbacker
C/SrA Ivan Baranets – Feik
C/A1C Alex Bronchick – Arnold
C/A1C Christopher Harmon – Arnold
C/Amn Jared Kovacs – Curry
C/Amn Alexander Meyer – Curry
C/Amn Daniel Ogren – Curry
C/Amn Garett Partch – Curry
C/Amn Ian Sollender – Curry

Senior Member Promotions:

1st Lt Caroline Bronchick

Encampment Pre-Registration

February 28, 2014

On Monday, 3 March, encampment staff will be providing access to the online Encampment Pre-Registration form on the encampment page of the wing website.

THIS ONLINE FORM IS NOT AN ENCAMPMENT APPLICATION! This Pre-Registration form is designed to gather some general information and specific contact information from cadets who are considering encampment attendance. This form should be completed by any cadet who has any interest in attending encampment even if they are not certain they will attend. Encampment staff will use the form data to begin direct communications with these cadets and their parents/guardians.

I am expecting information from the CAP Foundation regarding CAP Foundation scholarship award recipients. After I receive the information from the CAP foundation, I will inform the cadets who complete the online Pre-Registration if they will be awarded a scholarship. Please advise cadets/parents NOT to email me about the scholarships. I will provide the information when I have it but only to those cadets who complete the online Pre-Registration. As last year, the actual scholarship checks will be mailed to the squadrons – not the recipients.

The actual application process will begin in April. The Application Packet will be available around 1 April. The application submission window will open on 15 April. I will be providing coordinators with some guidance material to assist applicants in collecting the required application information later this month.

COWG Encampment 2014
The Lancer Encampment

February 2014 Promotions & Achievements

February 12, 2014

Cadet Promotions:

C/1st Lt Spencer Erjavec – Public Affairs Officer (ghost)
C/CMSgt Geraldinne Fuentes – Goddard
C/SMSgt Austin Cha – Doolittle
C/TSgt Elizabeth Essek – Rickenbacker
C/Amn Spencer Clancy – Curry
C/Amn Jacob Cushatt – Curry

Senior Member Awards:

SM Caroline Bronchick – Level 1
SM Joseph Cummings – Level 1
SM Joseph Cummings – Chuck Yeager Award
SM David Wyckoff – Level 1

Weather Cancelation Policy

February 4, 2014

The following will be the cancellation policy for meetings or other squadron events.

  1. The meeting/event will be cancelled if:
    1. School was cancelled for Cherry Creek School District
    2. There is an Early Release from Cherry Creek School District
    3. After school activities are cancelled for Cherry Creek School District
    4. There is a blizzard warning in affect for the location of the meeting 1 hour before or 1 hour after the scheduled event
    5. There is an accumulation of 6 inches of snow on the ground at the time of the meeting
  2. The meeting/event will NOT be cancelled if:
    1. There is a delayed start for Cherry Creek School District
  3. Final authority to cancel meetings lies with the Squadron Commander

The Cherry Creek School District School Closure and Storm Information page is located at: http://www.cherrycreekschools.org/pages/storminfo.aspx

January 2014 Promotions & Achievements

January 15, 2014

Cadet Promotions:

C/CMSgt Ryan Hundley – Goddard
C/MSgt David Chadwick – Lindbergh
C/MSgt Koy Kubasta – Lindbergh
C/SSgt Rebecca Carroll – Wright Brothers
C/SSgt Steven Hellman – Wright Brothers
C/A1C Hannah Partch – Arnold
C/Amn Rebecca Bowers – Curry

Senior Member Promotions:

Maj Chris Ashburn
Maj Helen Gray


The following Mustang Cadet Squadron members were awarded the Disaster Relief Ribbon with “V” Device for participating in the one or more of the Colorado Flood Relief missions in 2013:

Maj Alan Garner
Maj Helen Gray
Maj Ralph Jacobs
Capt Byron Gray
SM Christine Lawrence
C/Capt Nicholas Essek
C/1st Lt Tom Jacobs
C/1st Lt Joseph Leavitt
C/CMSgt Caleb Lawrence
C/SMSgt Nolan Gray
C/SMSgt Jon Williamson
C/SSgt Elizabeth Essek

December 2013 Promotions & Achievements

December 11, 2013

C/SMSgt Geraldinne Fuentes – Doolittle
C/SMSgt Jon Williamson – Doolittle
C/SSgt Conner Lutterman – Wright Brothers
C/SSgt Benjamin Stewart – Wright Brothers
C/Amn Connor Crane – Curry
C/Amn Justin Gill – Curry
C/Amn Kedrick Schmidt – Curry
C/Amn Erik Van Hegewald – Curry

Dec 4 Meeting Canceled!

December 4, 2013

Tonight’s meeting has been canceled due to slick roads, cold temperatures, and wind chill factors.

November 2013 Promotions & Achievements

November 13, 2013

C/CMSgt Victoria Schmidt – Armstrong (ghost)
C/SMSgt Nikolaus Schmidt – Doolittle
C/TSgt Ryan McGuffin – Rickenbacker
C/SrA Kelsey Long – Feik
C/A1C Alex Montressor – Arnold

No Meeting On Wednesday, October 30

October 25, 2013

Mustang Cadet Squadron will not be meeting on Wednesday, October 30.

Cadets and prospective members are invited to Valkyrie Cadet Squadron on Tuesday, October 29. Valkyrie meets at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum (map link).