October 2014 Promotions & Achievements

October 8, 2014

C/1st Lt Geraldinne Fuentes – Administrative Officer
C/CMSgt David Chadwick – Goddard
C/CMSgt Ryan McGuffin – Goddard
C/MSgt Kyle Lutterman – Lingbergh
C/TSgt Kelsey Long – Rickenbacker
C/SSgt Rebecca Bowers – Wright Brothers
C/SrA Alexander Meyer – Feik
C/A1C Abby Bronchick – Arnold
C/A1C Jonah Palmer – Arnold
C/A1C Kedrick Schmidt – Arnold
C/Amn Noah Franklin – Curry
C/Amn Nate Manchester – Curry

September 2014 Promotions & Achievements

September 10, 2014

Cadet Promotions:
C/2nd Lt Chad Lewis – Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Victoria Schmidt – Flight Commander
C/CMSgt Mikayla Roberts – Armstrong
C/MSgt Conner Lutterman – Lindbergh
C/A1C Conner Crane – Arnold
C/A1C Roarke Flanagan – Arnold
C/A1C Tristen Freehling – Arnold
C/Ama Kelley Bowers – Curry

Senior Promotions:
Lt Col Don Bolles
2nd Lt Eric Roberts
2nd Lt Rhonda Roberts

National Preparedness Month

September 4, 2014

National Preparedness Month
September is National Preparedness Month. There are a number of things you can do to increase your ability to respond to and deal with disasters:

  • Start at www.ready.gov for information on how to make a plan and build a kit.
  • Participate in America’s PrepareAthon.
  • Receive CERT training. Keep an eye out for CERT training opportunities in Arapahoe and Douglas counties.

Other resources and volunteer opportunities:

All members who complete the General Emergency Services requirement (101 card) and CERT are eligible to wear the ES patch on their BDU uniform.

Training and participation with these organizations is not being provided by CAP, but we do recommend it. You sign up for it individually and do not need unit command approval. There may be an age requirement for active participation with some of these activities or organizations.

August 2014 Promotions & Achievements

August 13, 2014

C/Capt Nicholas Essek – Leadership Officer
C/Capt Joseph Leavitt – Earhart
C/2nd Lt Geraldinne Fuentes – Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Ryan Hundley – Mitchell
C/2nd Lt Allison Jacobs – Mitchell
C/CMSgt Steven Hindman – Goddard
C/SMSgt Ryan McGuffin – Doolittle
C/MSgt Andrew Conner – Lindbergh
C/SrA Rebecca Bowers – Feik
C/SrA Hannah Partch – Feik
C/Amn Noah Morgan – Curry
C/Amn Jonah Palmer – Curry

July 2014 Promotions & Achievements

July 9, 2014

Cadet Promotions:
C/2nd Lt Geraldinne Fuentes – Mitchell
C/2nd Lt Chad Lewis – Mitchell
C/CMSgt Austin Cha – Goddard
C/CMSgt Mikayla Roberts – Goddard
C/SMSgt Elizabeth Essek – Doolittle
C/SMSgt Koy Kubasta – Doolittle
C/SrA Jared Kovacs – Arnold
C/Amn Abigail Bronchick – Curry

Cadet Awards:
C/CMSgt Nikolaus Schmidt – Cadet Solo Wings

Senior Promotions:
2nd Lt Joseph Cummings
2nd Lt David Wyckoff

June 2014 Promotions & Achievements

June 11, 2014

C/CMSgt Allison Jacobs – Armstrong (ghost)
C/CMSgt Nikolaus Schmidt – Goddard
C/TSgt Conner Lutterman – Rickenbacker
C/TSgt Kyle Luterman – Rickenbacker
C/SSgt Kelsey Long – Wright Brothers
C/SrA Christopher Harmon – Feik
C/A1C Justin Gill – Arnold
C/A1C Corey Gust – Arnold
C/A1C Alexander Meyer – Arnold

Squadron Picnic

May 28, 2014

There will be no regular meeting tonight (May 28, 2014). Instead Mustang Squadron will be meeting at Shelter 2 at Dove Valley Regional Park for our squadron picnic. The park is located at:

7900 S. Potomac St.
Centennial, CO 80112

Mustang Squadron members honored at the Colorado Wing Conference

May 13, 2014

Congratulations to the recipients of the following awards that were presented at the 2014 Colorado Wing Conference:

Maj Don Bolles – Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year

Chaplain (Maj) Alan Garner – Colorado Wing Chaplain of the Year
Chaplain (Maj) Alan Garner – Rocky Mountain Region Squadron Chaplain of the Year

May 2014 Promotions & Achievements

May 7, 2014

C/Capt Spencer Erjavec – Earhart
C/2nd Lt Victoria Schmidt – Mitchell
C/CMSgt Ryan Hundley – Armstrong (ghost)
C/CMSgt Chad Lewis – Armstrong (ghost)
C/SMSgt David Chadwick – Doolittle
C/A1C Rebecca Bowers – Arnold
C/Amn Roarke Flanagan – Curry
C/Amn Tristen Freehling – Curry
C/Amn Nathan Miller – Curry
C/Amn Dhirag Senior – Curry

April 2014 Promotions & Achievements

April 9, 2014

C/CMSgt Geraldinne Fuentes – Armstrong (ghost)
C/CMSgt Jon Williamson – Goddard
C/MSgt Elizabeth Essek – Lindbergh
C/MSgt Ryan McGuffin – Lindbergh
C/TSgt Ben Stewart – Rickenbacker
C/Amn Cody Cummings – Curry