Memorial Day

by 2d Lt Chris Ashburn, CAP

On Saturday, May 26, 5 Cadets from the Mustang Squadron joined with other Cadets from Group I for the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony at the Capitol Building in downtown Denver. After a few minutes of Drill Instruction to tune up, the parade began. With the color guard leading the way, 21 Cadets and Senior Members marched down the parade route.

At the conclusion of the parade, all Cadets were asked to form a human circle around the flagpole as the flag was raised. The flag had been marched to the Capitol from Fort Logan cemetery by veterans of the U.S. Military. They had taken most of the night to make the journey.

The Cadets continued to work during the ceremony for the “Families of the Fallen” passing out water to the crowd and holding up a poster with the pictures of the loved ones. Their effort and presence was appreciated by many.

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