Missing Children’s Task Force Week

by 2d Lt Chris Ashburn, CAP

The week of June 18-24, 2007 was the 12th Annual “Missing Children’s Week”. As is customary, the Mustang Squadron was asked to help out Dave Rogers and the Missing Children Task Force in many ways. Even with so many Cadets and Senior members gone to Encampment and an EAA fly-in that Saturday, the Mustang Squadron stepped up to make it a great week for the MCTF. It started on Monday night with a Candlelight Vigil at the State Capitol. Cadets were there to set up and take down tents and banners and also provide a Color Guard for the ceremony.

On Thursday Cadets helped to run the KOOL 105 Golf Classic. On Friday Cadets Coupal and Rowell manned the race truck simulator in Greeley. The week culminated on Saturday with 6 Cadets and 2 Senior Members providing support at the Colorado National Speedway for the 8th Annual “Race to Find Missing Children”. At the Speedway, Mustang Squadron hosted the race truck simulator, took bids for the silent auction, provided a Color Guard, and collected money from the fans who donated to the MCTF by putting money in the helmets of their favorite drivers.

Overall it was a great time for a great cause.


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