Capt. Grell Receives the Meritorious Service Award

by 2d Lt Chris Ashburn, CAP

On Wednesday, May 7, 2008 Capt. Russell Grell of the Civil Air Patrol was awarded the Meritorious Service Award. The presentation was given by Colorado Wing Commander Col. Edward D. Phelka at the weekly meeting of the Mustang Cadet Squadron. The Meritorious Service Award was given to Capt. Grell to acknowledge his twelve years of service as the Aerospace Education Officer of Mustang and to commemorate eleven consecutive years of earning the Aerospace Excellence Award for the Mustang Cadet Squadron. Also mentioned was his built-from-scratch Flight Training Device that the cadets are very excited about. Earning the Aerospace Excellence Award each year that he has been the Aerospace Education Officer is a testament to Grell’s hard work and love of teaching. Mustang Cadet Squadron is fortunate and proud to have him as their educator.

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