Honoring EAA’s Young Eagles volunteers

by Barbara A. Schmitz, EAA AirVenture Today

Russ Grell No matter the reason they got involved in EAA’s Young Eagles program, they have stayed involved because they know they are making a difference. While thousands give of their time to make the Young Eagles program soar, a few have been honored for their extraordinary efforts. This year’s winners will receive their awards today at the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Eagle Hangar.

Russell Grell, Ground Volunteer

Someone took Russell Grell up for an airplane ride when he was young, giving him that “spark” to pursue aviation. Now he’s helping do the same for countless other youth.

Grell has been ground coordinator at Rocky Mountain Chapter 301 Young Eagles events since 1999, and he said his job centers around doing a little bit of everything, from directing traffic, to parking aircraft, to escorting people to the aircraft and more. “I’m an A&P mechanic besides a pilot, so I’ll also make visual inspections of airplanes to make sure everything looks hunky-dory.”

Of receiving the award, Grell said, “So many people are just as worthy as I am, if not more. But I’m very happy to represent them all.”

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