July 4 Message from the National Commander

Dear CAP Officers, NCOs and Cadets:

There’s good reason why we often celebrate the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, with fireworks. It is, after all, America’s birthday. What better time to light the night sky in celebration of what it truly means to be an American.

As we pause to do just that, let’s not forget what it has taken to attain and retain our country’s 236 years of freedom. Because of the sacrifices of many Americans who came before us, we enjoy the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This day should also be a poignant reminder of why you pour your talents and energies into one of the nation’s premier volunteer organizations — going above and beyond every day to strengthen and renew your communities.

As officers and cadets of the U.S. Air Force’s auxiliary, you are individuals of integrity, honor and character, ready to save, to rescue, to provide disaster relief, to nurture and teach our country’s youth and to promote the relevance of aerospace.

Each day, America and its citizens depend on you, and you always deliver, sometimes at great personal sacrifice, but always gladly and without hesitation. You genuinely care about your fellow man and your country. Like those members who have served before you, you look upon your CAP service as more than a duty. You are real patriots who truly understand service beyond self.

Celebrate that patriotism on the Fourth, as you watch those fireworks bloom in the night sky. Know that those bursting, colorful explosions represent all that it is to be an American. Be proud of that heritage! Be proud to be a member of CAP!

Always Vigilant!

Maj. Gen. Charles L. Carr Jr.
National Commander

The National Commander’s July 4 Message on CAP Volunteer Now.

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