How GSAR School can teach you about Life

By Chaplain Alan Garner

Lessons that we learn at GSAR School apply to life in general. Life can be like being in the “wilderness” and we can all get lost sometimes if we are not careful. We must learn the skills and gain the confidence to survive ourselves and to help others find their way through life.

  1. Success demands preparation and practice. What you do today will determine your tomorrow, so don’t waste your time and opportunities goofing off when you should be focused on your future. Take care of your gear (body, mind, spirit) and train like your life depends upon it.
  2. Teamwork is everything! T.E.A.M. = Together Everybody Accomplishes More. You are always better when you link up with others.
  3. There is joy in community. Don’t try to do life on your own. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto and their horses to hang out with! Take time to enjoy others and to let them know and enjoy you. We’re all weird, so have fun and get over yourself!
  4. Safety is paramount – physical, emotional, and spiritual stuff included. Guard your heart (emotions) and your character (reputation) and your future. Look out for your friends too. We all get stupid at times and friends tell friends when they are being dumb!
  5. Confusion is normal. Despite your best planning, “Murphy” will show up and stuff will go wrong. Things always take longer than you expected. Mistakes will be made, but learn from it and don’t waste lots of time and energy feeling guilty or angry about it. Remember to FIDO –“Forget It and Drive On”, or as the Marines say: “Adapt and Overcome”!
  6. Stay in touch with Home Base (God). Keep communicating with others who care about you. Follow your Creator’s instructions (BIBLE=Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and you’ll never stay lost. God always knows exactly where you are, and how to get you where you’ll need to be.
  7. Perfection is an illusion. Trying to be perfect will just drive you and everybody who knows you crazy. Progress is your goal, and you can do that a little each day! You are only competing against yourself. Remember that tomorrow is a new day – so anticipate it. Today is a gift – so enjoy it!

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