FITSAT-1 (LED Satellite) over Denver tonight (Dec 17)

Here is something that would be fun to either watch for or listen for.

FITSAT-1 is a 10cm x10cm x10cm cubesat that was developed and built by students at a Japanese university. It was sent to the ISS and recently deployed.

One panel is loaded with LEDs. The LEDs are periodically turned on to flash a message in Morse Code. Even if you don’t know code, it would be fun to try and acquire the bird with the naked eye.

Commander, Group 1
Asst AEO, Group 1


This link ( says: 18 Dec. 05:28:30 – 05:32:30 (UTC) Central-South USA (Morse, Green)

That will be around 22:27 on Dec 17 in Denver.

Update: This site has details and tracking information:

You will need to click on the button to “Show all passes” and then the Details button for the entry of 12/17 22:22. Don’t worry about it being ‘eclipsed’ since you will be viewing the satellite’s LEDs and not the reflection of the sun off of the satellite. FITSAT-1 will pass from the NW to the SE and pass almost directly overhead.

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