Encampment Online Application is Available!

COWG Cadets:

The online portion of the encampment application process for Basic/Student Cadets (first time encampment attendees) is now available on the encampment web page.

Tentative encampment slots will be assigned to the first one-hundred and forty-five (145) cadets who submit the online application. More slots will likely be assigned later. In order to earn a confirmed encampment slot, applicants must:

(1) Submit the online application, and

(2) Submit the paper application packet, along with deposit or full payment by 1 April 2013.

The paper application process will use the COWG Form 31E that is currently being revised and approved. Once the COWG Form 31E is available, it will be posted on the encampment web page and an email announcement will be sent to those who have submitted the online application.

To increase your chances of earning an encampment slot assignment, submit the online application as soon as possible. If you are not one of the first 145 cadets to submit the online application, you will still have a chance for an encampment slot. A significant number of cadets in the first 145 may either fail to meet the remaining application deadlines or may cancel. For the 2012 encampment, almost one third of the cadets that originally applied either cancelled or lost a tentative slot because they failed to complete the remaining parts of the application process. Many cadets on the Wait List who completed all application requirements, on time, were awarded slots.

Use the following link to access the encampment web page. The encampment web page will have more information about the application process along with an access link to the online application in the box titled “Basic Cadet Encampment Application Process”


Floyd B. McCormick, Lt Col, CAP
Encampment Commander

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