Air Force Chief of Staff 2012 Reading List

January 11, 2012

For anyone interested in leadership, history or other topics, the 2012 CSAF Reading List has been posted. You can also find films, TED Briefings, and the reading lists from previous years on the official site.

Airman Leadership School

October 28, 2011

Thompson Valley Composite Squadron will be hosting an Airman Leadership School (ALS) on November 5 at CSU in Fort Collins. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, October 30 at 1800 (6:00pm).

Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie and the Rescue of Roger Locher

June 24, 2011

Leadership Performance Indicators

November 20, 2010


Leaders who influence—
  • Use appropriate methods to reach goals while operating and improving.
  • Motivate subordinates to accomplish assigned tasks and missions.
  • Set the example by demonstrating enthusiasm for—and, if necessary, methods of—accomplishing assigned tasks.
  • Make themselves available to assist peers and subordinates.
  • Share information with subordinates.
  • Encourage subordinates and peers to express candid opinions.
  • Actively listen to feedback and act appropriately based on it.
  • Mediate peer conflicts and disagreements.
  • Tactfully confront and correct others when necessary.
  • Earn respect and obtain willing cooperation of peers, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Challenge others to match their example.
  • Take care of subordinates and their families, providing for their health, welfare, morale, and training.
  • Are persuasive in peer discussions and prudently rally peer pressure against peers when required.
  • Provide a team vision for the future.
  • Shape the organizational climate by setting, sustaining, and ensuring a values- based environment.

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